Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Just a few more hours until I'm officially off for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I think I like Turkey day about as much as any holiday. My main responsibility is to cook a few good things and show up at my brother's to partake in good cooking and great company.

Then the rest of the weekend is all mine! I plan to start my Christmas decorating on Friday and hopefully by Monday I'll be done. I love the look of all the Christmas lights in the evening when I get in from work.

This year I'm going to move the tree to the living room if it will fit. That should eliminate having to move so much furniture out of other parts of the house. Wish me luck!

I also plan on do a little stitching this weekend. It is so nice to have all my projects finished that need to be done! Now anything I make between now and Christmas will be a bonus and I don't have the pressure to make things and not enjoy doing it!

I read a few other blogs this morning and I see where it is snowing in some parts of the country. I don't wish that on anyone yet. I'm not quite ready for full winter weather!

I'll try to post some pics this weekend of my decorating progress. In the mean time I hope all my friends that celebrate Thanksgiving have a great day tomorrow and to the rest of the world I hope you too have a great weekend!

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