Sunday, October 09, 2005

The semi-annual practice of changing out my closet began yesterday. One draw back to living in an older home is the lack of closet space. So out with the summer and in with fall/winter. This of course means lots of laundry and sorting. Giving away what I did not wear this past season and 'the taking of the buttons".

LOL ... some items never make it to the Goodwill bag because they have buttons I want to keep. Buttons are just another of my obsessions! There is no such thing as an ugly button!

While catching up with my blog reading today I was very thankful for How in the world would I keep up with all the great blogs if I didn't use it? I noticed I'm up to 59 blogs on my feed list. That may not be a lot to some but it seems like a lot to me!

I'm working on my Katrina block today. I tried to yesterday but could not get in the 'mood' so I'll try again today.

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