Thursday, October 13, 2005

I just downloaded the latest upgarde to Picasa2. This is a test to see if it is easier to upload pictures to my blog. It really works and it is so easy! I'm happy! Posted by Picasa


LouAnne said...

Karen: Your picture comes thru when I use my link in Favorites to read your blog, but in bloglines it doesn't. I'm not loving reading thru bloglines much. The links don't come thru and you don't see the whole blog. It's frustrating!

Karen said...

Hi LouAnne,

I know what you mean about not being able to see the
pics or links some of the time from bloglines. I think
what I use it for most of the time is to see who has
updated their blog. Then I open it in bloglines and
click on the title to go directly to the blog. Then
when I close it I'm back in the blogline window and
can see the next one on my list I want to read.

I had to do something when I started adding so many
new blogs to my favorite list. I was spending way too
much time checking out blogs with out a new post. I'm
up to about 60 blogs on my list and I can read them a
lot faster when I only have to open up the ones with
new post.

I only read them in the morning before work and I have
such limited time. night I try to stitch and
stay away from the computer!!! well at least I try
even if I do sneak a peak at a few blogs when I get