Sunday, August 07, 2005

Another busy week around here. I've accomplished more on the anniversary wallhanging and all but finished 2 more purses. One thing I've learned is that I need to make notes about sizes that work for the purses so I don't have to completely start over with each one. I posted a couple of pictures and now need to put the finishing touches to them.

I was reading Sharon's B's blog, inaminuteago - the blog this morning and she is posting a new challenge for those interested. She has been discussing starting another project making a purse from an old pair of jeans. LOL...I'm tempted to join in the fun but do I have the time??? I'll have to think about it!

It is really hot and humid here today and I'm not too excited about going out so I think I will stay in. I have been harvesting tomatoes galore this week and will try to put up a batch of tomato sauce to use in my Chilli this winter. Guess I better get to work if I want to finish everything I've got going this morning.

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