Friday, July 08, 2005

Boy am I glad it's Friday! I know I've negelected so much this week but now I'm back on schedule. I worked on my anniversary block every day and tried to post a picture yesterday but I'm really dissappointed in how the pics look online. It looks much better in person!

I'm having a problem with my new camera. I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of the blurry look that my pictures are taking on. But I will keep on taking pics and figure out what I'm doing wrong. Will probably have to re-read the manual! LOL...oh well it will be worth it if I can get a good shot.

It's sooooo hot and humid here but it sounds like we may get some of "Dennis's" rain on Monday so maybe our gardens will survive. It's a shame that Florida will suffer but good for the farmers inland.

My goal this weekend is to do more work in the studio. It's moving along but the further I get into the project the bigger the mess becomes. I guess the saying that it is darkest before dawn applies when you cleaning your studio also!

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