Sunday, July 31, 2005

Another week has passed and I still wish we had 8 day weeks! Never seems like I get everything done.

This week I continued to work on the anniversary wallhanging. I wish I could take a picture that shows how it really looks. I don't think the pics I'm taking now are the greatest. Maybe it is the colors I'm using. I think Mom and Dad will like it! Just 4 more weeks to complete it.

I carried my purse this week at work and took 7 orders. I will stop with that number even though I could have taken more. I don't want to over extend myself and start hating to make them!

I also taught a Crazy Quilt class yesterday. I think we have another Crazy Quilter in our mist! As she left I heard her mumbling that she had to go shopping and buy more beads!

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Heather said...

beads, beads, beads, must buy BEADS!!!! I'm hooked! HELP!