Thursday, June 23, 2005

What a busy week this has been. Between work (which takes up way too many hours) I've been painting fabrics. What fun! I've created some really cool pieces and only wish I had time to piece a block or 2 using them. But alas I realize there are only so many projects I can start and even fewer that I will finish so I offer up the pieces for sale in hopes that others will make a beautiful creation using them!

I've posted a couple of pics from the last 2 nights of painting and will put together my packages this weekend. I wish pictures could really show the true beauty of these pieces! Also it's amazing how each fabric turns out so different depending on the texture and fabric content.

Just one more day and the weekend will be here. It's also very hot and uncomfortable around here so working in the yard has been tough. They say upper 90's this weekend so guess where I will be!!! inside working on my anniversary quilt. I've worked on it off and on this week but I seem to be taking out more stitches than I'm putting in. This is okay .... I'm much happier with the block now than before.

Ok...that's it for tonight...tomorrow is Friday! YAHOO!

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