Sunday, May 01, 2005

It's Derby Festival week in Louisville and the fun has begun. We had rain the past couple of days, some of the events have been impacted by this. But today is beautiful and the Hot Air Balloon Race is on as we speak. It is a beautiful sight as the balloons fly overhead. I keep thinking I need to make a quilt to honor this festival because so much happens every year.

Yesterday the Mini-Marathon was run (13 miles) as well as the Marathon (26 miles). As the week goes on we have more and more to see and do. Lots of out of towners come in and it's just plain fun. I love the bed race, the steam boat race and the parade is always fun. The weather guys and gals are calling for good weather so if you are thinking about coming. GO AHEAD! Come on down! We are getting ready to have some fun!

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