Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I'm begining to wonder if it is not a mistake to make lists. I've been a list person all my life, but lately I've been feeling overwhelmed by the task. This morning on the way to work I decided to throw out my current to-do list and make another one with only 3 items on it.

It felt great to give myself permission to not complete the previous 15 item list! I will try this for a while and see if I accomplish the same amount of stuff and if I do maybe list will become a thing of the past, unless I'm really under pressure and need to make one. LOL...see I can't totally give them up yet.

One item I left on the list was my Anniversary quilt. I printed out some pictures this morning before work on this new silk I got in yesterday.... not sure if they are what I want yet. I need to go home and play with them for a while. Work really gets in the way of my play these days!

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