Monday, April 18, 2005

Last time I dyed 'stuff' it took a couple of tries to get the color I was after. LOL...I finally got it right but that was about 6 months ago. So of course when I did it this weekend it was like starting all over again! I don't think I will let 6 months go by until I do it again.

I'll post pictures later of the fabric I painted and some of the trim I dyed. All in all it was a good dying session.

I got started on painting my white picket fence ... what a job!

I also went shopping this weekend. I lucked into a big sale at my fabric store. They had marked down the discount bins. All the pieces were huge and I picked up 4 pieces which means I ended up with 15-20 yards. I was happy! Anyone need some peach fabric?

The count down is on. I'm going to The Paducah Quilt Show this weekend. I'm looking forward to getting away from all this house work!

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arlee said...

You sound like me at the textile clearance houses---large yardage is Fabu!
And one can always dye if fabric is not quite right,or stencil, or discharge, or embroider,or.....